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Wifyer lets you earn money

Wifyer lets you earn money, simply by sharing your mobile data connection or Fixed WiFi hotspots with others.
Users click to locate and connect to a hotspot.
Sharers who have enabled their hotspot will be discovered and users will be allowed to connect. Sharers will be paid automatically.

Become a Mobile Data Sharer

Its easy to become a sharer
    1)  Get the App - Download the app from the Google play store
    2)  Get registered - register your details including your credit card/bank details to receive your payments
    3)  Share your connection and start making money.


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What You May Need To Know

What is Wifyer?

Wifyer is a smartphone app and Wifi access service that allows users who are travelling and who do not have a roaming data connection, to access the internet via their smartphone or tablet through a crowdsourced network of hotspots.

I want to become a sharer and earn points? what do I need to do?

Becoming a sharer with the Wifyer network is easy. Simply download the Wifyer app from the Google Play store and register to become a sharer by entering your details. Alternatively, click the “Become a Sharer” button on the site to register.

I have a iphone, can I become a sharer?

No, unfortunately iOS is a very restrictive platform that does not given applications to functions such as Wifi.

I am iPhone user, can I connect to the Wifyer hotspot?

Currently Wifyer supports only Android, we are working very hard to release the iOS Wifyer app and this will be available soon.

Can I set limits for how much data capacity I want to share?

Certainly. As a sharer you decide how much data capacity you want to share and when you want to share. When you are ready to share some of your data, simply activate the hotspot. Go Offline to stop sharing.