Wifyer Referral Incentive Policy

Get rewarded for each successful Referral you make !!!!!!!

This is a special incentive to reward all Wifyer users building the Wifyer community.

1.1 Eligibility

All existing Wifyer users are eligible to be incentivized under this referral policy

1.2 Referral Criteria

An existing user may share the referral link with any person (referee) having a valid mobile number. Only a successful new user registration will be considered as a valid referral under the policy. The referrer will receive an email confirmation on each valid referral.

1.3 Referral credits Accrual
(Applicable to any existing user both data Sharers / Users)

A user will earn one Referral credit for every three (3) successful referrals made.
1 Referral credit = 1 Singapore Dollar

Credits are not the property of the user and these are non-transferable. These could only be redeemed under the redemption specifications provided below within the validity period.

1.4 Redemption of Referral Credits

Referral credits earned has a validity period of 12 months from the day points were earned.

1.4.1- Data sharers

The credits can be monetized at the time of payout, up to a maximum of 10% of the transaction value.

Total Referral credits available $20
Payout transaction Value $150
Redeem referral credits $15   (10% of the payout transaction value)
Total payment $165
Available balance referral credits $5   (Can redeem in subsequent Payout transaction)

1.4.2- Data Consumers

The credits can be monetized at the time of purchasing Wifyer data packages using the App. When a successful referral is completed by an existing Wifyer consumer, an email will be sent out to him/her with a Redemption code. The redemption code has to be entered at the time of purchasing data packages in order to claim the referral credits.

Total Referral credits available $10
Data package intend to purchase $14.99
Redeem referral credits $10   (Enter redemption code)
Total payment $4.99
Available balance referral credits $0   (Can redeem in the subsequent Purchase transactions)

1.5 Notification of accumulated Referral Credits

Users will be able to view their credits available in their respective profiles. The email notification sent out to the user after each successful referral will also contain the accumulated referral credits available at that point of time.

1.6 Changes to the Referral Policy

The Wifyer management reserves the right to revise the Referral Incentive policy without any prior notice.

The Wifyer management can suspend or terminate the incentive policy at any time it deems necessary. We honor do not track signals and do not track, plant cookies, or use advertising when a Do Not Track (DNT) browser mechanism is in place.

All changes will be updated in the wifyer website www.wifyer.com